Some children may have more than one problem and may need treatment from more than one discipline.

Some children may need not only speech-language or occupational therapy alone, but both at the same time. Lacking one skill may interfere with the acquisition of another skill. Hence, collaboration from both professionals is of paramount importance to improve your child’s daily functions at home and school. The multidisciplinary team (SLP, OT, Special educators) of our center offers co-treatment for our students.

Children gain endless benefits and fun from co-treatment sessions. Co-treatments are sessions conducted by 2 or more therapists/disciplines to maximize therapeutic collaboration. At our center, co-treatments are usually implemented as a group session that involves 3-6 children who share similar therapeutic goals.

Multiple goals are targeted cohesively to improve their motor and communication skills as well as to address their social and emotional needs.

Co-treatments are performed when therapeutic goals are similar or complementary. Children gain the most benefit from co-treatment conducted by more than one discipline ( SLP, OT, Special Educator) as multiple goals can be targeted cohesively with the same functional activity.

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