7th December 2015

Kids HELP (Holiday Enrichment Learning Program)

Our first Open Day in Cheras


2017 Zoo Trip

2018 CNY Dinner

21 December 2018

International Youth Center, Bandar Tun Razak

Award Night 2018

First year-end event that Kidsogenius organized. At night, students performed dancing, drama as well as singing. The moment that parents see their children’s growth and achievement.

17 August 2018

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

Let the students learn, explore and expand more outside than the centre. They get to walk nearer to the birdies, enjoy the performance as well as feed the animals food by using their bare hand. That is also the time they went outside without their parents but teachers and friends accompanied.

2019 CNY Dinner

14 July 2019

Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara

An Extra-Aut-dinary Day In Sunway Nexis

Our first Autism Awareness event is held in Sunway Nexis. We aimed to spread awareness to the public on the knowledge of Autism and why it is essential to intervene as early as possible. “The Path of Autism” talk invited Tengku Putri Zainab (consultant pediatrician, Sunway Damansara Specialist Centre), Dr. Ong Shu Hwa (dietitian professor, IMU), Ms. Cheryl (director cum. speech therapist, Kidsogenius) and Mr Chai (occupational therapist, Kidsogenius).

There were various game stations set for both kids and adults to experience the difficulties of Autism clients. Last but not least, a free screening session is being hosted by our beloved speech and occupational therapists!

A special thanks to our volunteers from Sunway University and some of the Sponsors, Sunway Nexis, Pelikan, Sunway Damansara Specialist Center, Amazing Hearing Malaysia and NGO grocer and some anonymous sponsor individuals.

9 August 2019

99 Wonderland Park, Selayang

EIP Field Trip 2019

The EIP Field Trip 2019 was held at 99 Wonderland Park, a unique Recreational Landmark in KL. The park adopts an open concept which allows the visitors to interact with the birds and animals. The park includes T-Rex Ring, 12 Zodiac Zone, Sky Fountain, Golden Waterfall, Bird Island, Ostrich Farm, Rabbit House, Cruise around the lake and more. The kids had the opportunity to explore the rare animals or birds by observing the animals behaviors, eating moments and feeding the food. It was an awesome trip and unforgettable moments to the kids.

23 August 2019

Kidsogenius, Kota Damansara

TV 3 interview : Helo Doktor

Kidsogenius was honoured to be invited into the “Hello Doktor” program hosted by Yasmin Hani regarding Special Needs kids’ concerns. Our director, Cheryl Siow, is being invited for a brief interview to talk on speech delays and related subjects. TV3 also filmed the learning process in our EIP school

12 October 2019

Rumah Kebun, Hulu Langat

2019 Company Retreat

Company retreat involving all Kidsogenius personnels is hosted in Rumah Kebun Residence, Hulu Langat. Surrounded by lush hills and greenery, it is an ideal team building for all members. BBQ grills and steamboats are exceptional for everyone to enjoy for the cold weather. A brief discussion session is held among all to know the directions and ways to improve our service in the coming years!

22 December 2019

2019 Award Night

Jurassica, The Gardens Mall

Another year end event where all teachers, parents and students gather together. A meaningful event for all to celebrate the completion of a year for all students. Parents were happy to see their children grow with kidsogenius. This year our celebration was special as we had it in an indoor playground. Children had fun in the scavenger hunt with dinosaurs.